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Luxe look for Less

Creating a luxe Master Bedroom that will have potential home buyers dreaming of your home is easier and less expensive than you think! In today's market, seller's are getting more for their home than in previous years and more often than not, buyer's are looking for a move in ready home. So we recommend investing a little money into creating a showstopping home that will leave home buyers swooning, and earning you top dollars and competitive offers. Creating a Luxe Bedroom may sound expensive, but we have the inside scoop from a seasoned Home Furnishings Stylist on how to create that Luxe look for Less:

A light & airy color palette and layers is the key to creating a dreamy bedroom.


Start by selecting a soft neutral color for the walls in white, creams, or soft greys.

Check out Sherwin Williams collection of their finest whites.

Once you’ve made your color selection, start by rolling on a fresh coat of paint.


Select a large area rug (8x10 +) that will pull the color from the walls down to the floor. Keep it light and airy and choose a rug color close to your wall color.

$ Saving tip: Area rugs can be expensive. Check your local discount store & flooring stores. Carpet remnants make beautiful area rugs at a fraction of the cost. Ollie’s Bargain outlet has a large selection of area rugs & carpet remnants. Many of the edges are already bound.

Bed Styling:

Dress the bed in several light colored layers. Keep it simple, white or cream.

$ saving tip: Bedding doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive. Dress the bed in crisp white sheets. Tuck them in for a tailored look. Toss a chunky throw or a folded comforter across the foot of the bed for a soft, plush feel. Next, add a min. of 3 rows of pillows: 2 pillows in linens matching the sheet set, 2 pillows in decorative shams, and then a row of throw pillows or a bolster pillow. All items you can find at your local discount store or box store.

Window Treatments:

Should you choose to hang window treatments, select a light and airy fabric that matches the color of the bed linens you selected. Window treatments should be long enough to touch the floor.

$ saving tip: Ikea has long window treatments at great prices. Check out their Ritva drapes shown above and adored by Kelley Nan.


Finally, keep accessories to a minimum. Select glass or light colored lamps with light colored shades. A pop of organic greenery or vase of light colored flowers, and some books are all you need.

$ saving tip: Goodwill and a can of spray paint are all you need to for upcycling lamps. Dress them up with new shades. Don’t forget to check out their selection of books to use as styling props. Check out hello central avenue's spray paint ideas.

Designer tip: Scour the internet for inspiration. Find a photo you love and use it as a guide to recreate the look. You'll be surprised by what you can do with a plan and a little bit of money.

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